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  • OUR DISHWASHER SAFE MORTAR AND PESTLE IS THE BEST – EASY TO CLEAN & BUILT LAST – Our Mortar & Pestle is made with Apothecary-grade PORCELAIN- Why Porcelain? – Pharmacies traditionally use Porcelain to grind medication – with great reason: It lasts forever, is easy to clean and won’t absorb odeors or transfer flavors. Our unglazed grinding surface prevents the mechanism from flaking or powdering. Porcelain is the perfect material to use as a smasher to grind anything.
  • OTHER MATERIALS JUST CAN’T DO THE JOB: Consider these common issues: Wood absorbs the taste of the previous grind – yuck! Marble or granite create marble powder- gross! Stone is is hard to clean, and you can’t use soap to wash it! Stainless Steel can rust! jade or clay aren’t good. Our perfectly designed porcelain mortar and pestle allows you to grind your spices, nuts, coffee, muddle drinks, dog medicine(or any pill or drug ), guacamole, hummus, garlic or just about anything else with ease.
  • GREAT FOR ARTHRITIS AND WRIST INJURIES! OUR EZ-GRIP PESTLE & SILICONE MORTAR BOWL ENSURE A FIRM, STRONG GRIP AND PREVENTS SLIDING – Don’t buy another mortar & pestle where your mortar slips and slides on your counter. You need something that stays firmly in place! Our mortar set has a silicone base, to keep it still while you grind. Our pestle has a silicone EZ-GRIP Handle to make it easier to grind. No more struggling to find your grip! You’ll wish you had bought this mortar & pestle years ago.
  • ELECTRIC SPICE GRINDERS DON’T COMPARE- Our mortar and pestle will outperform electric grinders in terms of ease of use, clean up and convenience. If you’re using an electric spice grinder or food processor, you may be missing out on finer, subtle flavors that emerge in the manual hand-grinding process. Crushing the fibers of herbs, as opposed to chopping through them, releases the full range of essential oils, flavors, and aromatics.
  • USEFUL IN ANY HOME KITCHEN OR TO GRIND MEDICATION – GREAT FOR: powdering herbs, grains, spices, nuts, seeds, teas, bread, biscuits (for making homemade bread crumbs!), science experiments, or even crushing drugs for pets (great for your dog!) and humans alike. Great for unlocking the hidden oils in your everyday dry spices. The sky is the limit! Not too large but not too small! The mortar measures 4.5 inches across and is 3.25 inches tall. The pestle is 5.5 inches tall. Add To Cart Today!


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