Herbalism is an age-old practice of preparing and prescribing herbs to prevent and treat illness, as well as promote health.

Science has modernized the system using analytical and pharmaceutical testing. The science-based practice of herbal medicine is now called phytomedicine orphytotherapy, which is a system of therapeutics in which diseases and disorders are treated with medicinal plants and preparations made from them using scientific principles.

Herbal remedies may be prepared from single herbs, or as formulas that combine synergistic herbs. They are administered as teas, tinctures, capsules or powders.

Although, medicinally speaking, an herb is a plant that is valued for its therapeutic benefits, most herbal traditions also include animal and mineral substances in their material medica.

A Call to Herbs

In this video, A Call to Herbs, herbalist and author David Hoffman discusses the origins of herbal wisdom as well as the pitfalls of commercial herbalism.

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